Just a quick note to let you know that we’ve enabled Ning’s Group feature on this site. The RFO Group Hub is accessible directly from the navigation bar. Previously certain accounts were tagged/categorized as developers, media, service providers, etc. Those categories and more will now be done via groups. Unlike the account type, you can be in as many groups as you like and we can have regular RFO accounts administer their own groups.

In addition to the above groups, there is (currently) a single experimental category of groups called “Regional”. If you know of other Ripple users in your region that are in Ripple Federation and you’d like a place to announce meetups or anything else, then a new group can be created for your region. Please suggest suitably large regions (e.g. Michigan or Southern UK would probably be better than Detroit or London), there’s no point having a lot of groups with only a single member.

Exactly how RFO will organize and administer these groups is still being worked out

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