This page is intended to be a comprehensive listing of organizations operating in the Ripple eco-system. Be diligent in deciding who to do business with in this new environment.

Listings are in no way an endorsement or guarantee by The Ripple Federation, Ripple Labs Inc., or any other group.


Ripple Labs – Creators of the Ripple Protocol, a peer-to-peer payment network. Visit for more information.

International Ripple Business Association – The IRBA provides unified procedures to establish trustworthy and secure services for Ripple customers. (discussion)

Ripple Federation – Nonprofit working to inform and empower users of Ripple. (discussion)


RippleMoney – GBP gateway allowing the transfer of monies between the UK banking system and Ripple. (discussion)

Kraken – A new standard for secure, feature-rich digital asset trading. (discussion)

Wisepass – Gateway offering trading in many different currencies. (discussion)

Dividend Rippler – Anonymous gateway dealing in Bitcoin and Litecoin (discussion)

SnapSwap – Gateway serving U.S. customers. (discussion)

Bitstamp – Established Bitcoin exchange now supporting trading of many currencies in Ripple. (discussion)

Ripple Union – Canadian gateway and bridge between Classic Ripplepay and the new Ripple. (discussion)

RippleCN – Chinese gateway offering a range of products and services. (discussion)

RippleChina – Chinese gateway offering a range of products and services.

XRPChina – Chinese gateway with a specialty of quotes and markets.

The Rock Trading – Gateway based in Italy dealing with EUR, USD, and various virtual currencies. (discussion)

WeExchange – Australian gateway dealing with Bitcoin, USD, AUD, and CAD. (discussion)

Ripple Israel / Bitcoin Israel – Oldest Bitcoin exchange in Israel still in full operation, now offering Ripple services. (discussion)

Peercover – Offers several advanced Ripple gateway features. (discussion)

Justcoin – Gateway and Bitcoin exchange based in Norway. – Rapidly convert Bitcoins to Ripple


Private Internet Access – VPN service for encrypting your connection and providing you an anonymous IP.

Peercover – Offers Ripple users the tools to become their own insurance company. (discussion)

Shop by RippleUnion – A “proxy buying” service for the Ripple community. (discussion) – Allows sellers to post a secret for sale via Ripple. (discussion)

INFORMATIONAL SITES – Get started using Ripple! Create a wallet, trust lines, and make your first transactions by following the easy steps outlined by Ripplewise.