Hello Fellow Ripplers!

I wanted to take the chance to congratulate all of you who are working seriously on the Ripple project. Your efforts have helped the price of XRP explode to incredible levels!

The Ripple Federation now appears to be two separate things, a community and media website, and an attempt to crowdsource standards and policies for the Ripple eco-system. Hopefully these will coalesce over time.

We just hit 150 members, and thanks to the recent surge of XRP and XBT prices, the assets we’ve collected via donation are worth over $3,000! I would like to thank our treasurer Dave Chapeskie for doing an excellent job managing our assets, and for working on the development of our public asset management policy.

What should be our specific focus moving forward? Please get in touch if you feel you have some answers. [Note: don’t forget, we’re chatting Ripple everyday on freenode IRC #RFO, and the Ripple Federation Skype group (add salwilliam on skype to join this 69 member group)]

I’ve personally been very busy with other (paid) work in the crypto eco-system, so if we’re going to move this thing forward, I will need to rely on some of your energy. RippleFederation.org is looking for a few good volunteers.

To donate to The Ripple Federation non-profit organization, pls send USD, CAD, BTC, or XRP to r3v6QzgkBq9hM75XGThKS1NM9gchcTrBHL. Check out our sponsors page and get in touch if you would like to be added to our list of benefactors, or if you are interested in providing corporate sponsorship.


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