It’s true. After months of waiting, the day has finally come. Ripple is open source. It just feels good to say it, doesn’t it? Ripple is open source. 🙂

Throughout the year the Ripple team have endured quite a bit of flimsy protest from the Bitcoin community for having kept their server source code private, but they always said it would be open sourced “soon”. In fact, Ripple Chief Cryptographer David Schwartz even made the following public statement in July:

“I would consider it a major personal failure if the Ripple server is not open sourced by the end of the year.” (source)

Well, congratulations to the entire Ripple dev team. You have saved David’s bacon with months to spare!

While we’ve reached the end of a chapter, this is likely to be just the beginning of the Ripple story. In a move that shows a strong commitment to their product and their vision, OpenCoin Inc. have changed their name to Ripple Labs Inc.

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